How to set max number of tweets to fetch

How to set max number of tweets to fetch

By : astrowimp
Date : January 11 2021, 03:34 PM
it fixes the issue I've figured out the solution. The problem was solved by returning false on reaching the limit by using if and else. The counter was initialized in the class init method. Hopefully, it will be helpful for others.
code :
from tweepy import Stream
from tweepy import OAuthHandler
from tweepy.streaming import StreamListener

#consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access secret.

class listener(StreamListener)

 def __init__(self):
    self.max_tweets = 200
    self.tweet_count = 0

 def on_data(self, data):
     global dataframe

   except TypeError:
      decoded = json.loads(data)

 def on_error(self, status):

auth = OAuthHandler(ckey, csecret)
auth.set_access_token(atoken, asecret)

twitterStream = Stream(auth, listener())

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Twitter: Number of tweets OR get more tweets

Twitter: Number of tweets OR get more tweets

By : user2941903
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . You can usually add count=x as parameter to the query string to get up to x tweets (for the search api it seems to be rpp). Query string parameters are added to the base url via ? and each individual parameter is then separated by & as in http://api?user=1&count=4
Most of the time, it is better though to remember the last tweets and then add ?since_id=x as this way you only get tweets you did not see before.
Official way to fetch the number of tweets for a URL

Official way to fetch the number of tweets for a URL

By : Andrew Baldwin
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps . The private endpoint will be shut down by 20 Nov and there'll be nothing to replace it. This blog post from Twitter explains the background: apparently it's to do with their move to their new "real-time, multi-tenant distributed database" system codenamed Manhattan.
The REST API will be of limited use for this purpose. You'd have to do a search for your URL, collect each page of results and add up the total number of tweets yourself. For example this request
code :
curl -u user:password "https://stream.twitter.com/1/statuses/filter.json" -d "track=https%3A%2F%2Fdev.twitter.com%2Fdiscussions%2F5653"
Python: How to total of the scores for all the tweets in a region divided by the number of tweets (Lots of info provided

Python: How to total of the scores for all the tweets in a region divided by the number of tweets (Lots of info provided

By : ChesterMead
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
fixed the issue. Will look into that further OK, the two places I would work are on your line parsing and your score function. Have score function return both a total score and a valid word count, so that you can keep track of both in your main block. Right now you are not pulling the value associated with keywords back into your score function...
code :
def score(tweet):
    total = 0   # don't need to do this, but I am a*al this way, too
    total_value = 0  # as I just said
    for word in tweet:
        word = word.lower()    # presuming your keywords are all in lower case
        if word in sentiments:
            total_value += sentiments[word]  # you have to pull the value back
            total_count += 1                 # and keep a running total
    return total_value, total_count
for line in open('newfile.txt'):
    line = line.split(" ")
    lat = float(line[0][1:-1]) #Stripping the [ and the ,
    long = float(line[1][:-1])  #Stripping the ]
    if eastern.contains(lat, long):
        line_score, line_count = score(line)
        eastScore += line_score
        eastCount += line_count
    elif central.contains(lat, long):
        line_score, line_count = score(line)
        centralScore += line_score
        centralCount += line_count
    elif mountain.contains(lat, long):
        line_score, line_count = score(line)
        mountainScore += line_score
        mountainCount += line_count
    elif pacific.contains(lat, long):
        line_score, line_count = score(line)
        pacificScore += line_score
        pacificCount += line_count
for line in open('newfile.txt'):
    line = line.replace('[','')   # kill leading bracket
    text = line.split(']')       # split coords / words using trailing bracket
    coordinates = text[0].split(',')    # split coords on comma.... IIRC
    lat = float(coordinates[0].replace(' ',''))   # kill any spaces
    long = float(coordinates[1].replace(' ',''))  # ditto
    word_stream = text[1]  # this later is called via score(word_stream)
How to get total number of Tweets (just counts of tweets)

How to get total number of Tweets (just counts of tweets)

By : eve
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
Any of those help If you have an User u you can use u.getStatusesCount() to get the total number of tweets
How can I get the number of tweets associated with a certain hashtag, and the timestamp of those tweets?

How can I get the number of tweets associated with a certain hashtag, and the timestamp of those tweets?

By : Kamlesh
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this help you This is not possible using the standard Twitter search API, which has only ever provided up to 7-9 days of history on an incomplete index.
Yesterday, Twitter launced a premium API for searching into the Twitter archive. It is commercial, but it would enable you to perform that search for an arbitrary set of dates, and provides a count endpoint for counting results rather than returning the whole Tweets.
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