What is the right algorithm for digitally signing in C and veryfing in PHP?

What is the right algorithm for digitally signing in C and veryfing in PHP?

By : user3042274
Date : November 27 2020, 05:23 PM
I hope this helps you . I'm trying to digitally sign files/messages in C and verify the signature in PHP. I can verify it correctly in C, but when I try to import the signature and verify it in PHP it fails. , For phpseclib do this before $rsa->verify():
code :
$x509 = new \phpseclib\File\X509;
$rsa = $x509->getPublicKey();

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Digitally Signing Email

Digitally Signing Email

By : jlawn
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I hope this helps you . Check out the Mail.dll email component:
code :
IMail email = Mail.Text("This is message body")
  .From(new MailBox("mail@in_the_certificate.com", "Alice"))
  .To(new MailBox("bob@mail.com", "Bob"))
  .SignWith(new X509Certificate2("TestCertificate.pfx", ""))

using (Smtp smtp = new Smtp())
    smtp.Login("user", "password");
Digitally signing with the public key

Digitally signing with the public key

By : Helge Lenuweit
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
I wish this helpful for you There's no recipient involved in a message signature. You can encrypt the signature to the recipient's public key if you want to prevent anyone else from verifying it, but that's not generally considered part of signing the message.
iText digitally signing PDF without inputting PIN twice

iText digitally signing PDF without inputting PIN twice

By : cinique
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
help you fix your problem It seems if I follow the example with authenticated attributes I can get the PIN dialog to only pop up once for each time signing a document. This is the final code that I ended up using, hopefully it will be helpfully for someone else.
code :
for(int i=0;i<2;i++) {
    String pkcs11ConfigSettings =
                "name = AuthProvider\nlibrary = C:\\Program Files\\ActivIdentity\\ActivClient\\acpkcs201-ns.dll";
    AuthProvider p = (SunPKCS11)Security.getProvider("SunPKCS11-AuthProvider");
    if(p==null) {
        p = new SunPKCS11(new ByteArrayInputStream(pkcs11ConfigSettings.getBytes()));
        p.setCallbackHandler(new CallbackHandler() {    
            public void handle(Callback[] callbacks) throws IOException,
                    UnsupportedCallbackException {
                for(Callback c : callbacks)
                    if(c instanceof PasswordCallback) {
                        //HACK. if we set password to null it will bring up the drivers PIN dialog.
                        ((PasswordCallback) c).setPassword(null);
    KeyStore ks = KeyStore.getInstance("PKCS11",p); 
    ks.load(null, null);
    Certificate[] cc = ks.getCertificateChain("Digital Signature Key");
    PrivateKey pk = (PrivateKey)ks.getKey("Digital Signature Key", null);
    OutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("c:\\doc" + i + ".pdf"); ;
    PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(new FileInputStream(new File("C:\\1.pdf")));
    PdfStamper stamper = PdfStamper.createSignature(reader, fos, '\0');
    PdfSignatureAppearance sap = stamper.getSignatureAppearance();
    sap.setVisibleSignature(new Rectangle(100, 100, 200, 200), 1, null);
    Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
    PdfSignature dic = new PdfSignature(PdfName.ADOBE_PPKLITE, PdfName.ADBE_PKCS7_DETACHED);
    dic.setDate(new PdfDate(cal));
    sap.setLayer2Text("Digitally signed by "+ dic.get(PdfName.NAME) +"\n\nDate: " + cal.getTime().toString());
    HashMap<PdfName,Object> exc = new HashMap<PdfName,Object>();
    exc.put(PdfName.CONTENTS, new Integer(0x2502));
    PdfPKCS7 pk7 = new PdfPKCS7(pk, cc, null, "SHA1", "SunPKCS11-AuthProvider", false);
    MessageDigest messageDigest = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA1");
    byte buf[] = new byte[8192];
    int n;
    InputStream inp = sap.getRangeStream();
    while ((n = inp.read(buf)) > 0) {
        messageDigest.update(buf, 0, n);
    byte hash[] = messageDigest.digest();
    byte sh[] = pk7.getAuthenticatedAttributeBytes(hash, cal, null);
    pk7.update(sh, 0, sh.length);
    PdfDictionary dic2 = new PdfDictionary();
    byte sg[] = pk7.getEncodedPKCS7(hash, cal);
    byte out[] = new byte[0x2500 / 2];
    System.arraycopy(sg, 0, out, 0, sg.length);
    dic2.put(PdfName.CONTENTS, new PdfString(out).setHexWriting(true));
Digitally Signing scripts in [VSCODE]

Digitally Signing scripts in [VSCODE]

By : Devendra Chaudhari
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
it helps some times In our environment the two main scripting languages that we use are VBScript/WScript and PowerShell. Our PowerShell is set up so that all scripts have to be digitally signed. Inside the PowerShell ISE we added a menu item that saves the current working script and digitally signs it. We currently use a different editor for VBS/Wscript. Is there a way in VSCode to allow us to run a function within the environment to digitally sign the current PowerShell scripts? , Found my answer:
code :
Register-EditorCommand -Name SignCurrentScript -DisplayName 'Sign Current Script' -ScriptBlock {
    $cert = (Get-ChildItem Cert:\CurrentUser\My -CodeSigningCert)[0]
    $currentFile = $psEditor.GetEditorContext().CurrentFile.Path
    Set-AuthenticodeSignature -Certificate $cert -FilePath $currentFile
Digitally Signing InfoPath Forms

Digitally Signing InfoPath Forms

By : user3789942
Date : March 29 2020, 07:55 AM
may help you . And because i'm new here is the second link...
and this is digging a little deeper on how to build and deploy full trust forms: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb251025.aspx
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