The International Sacred Music Festival of Bogotá was founded in 2012 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. It is an annual, multi-religious event, which seeks to spread the spirituality of the world through its sacred music, promoting dialogue, unity, respect for the diversity of beliefs and a culture of peace.

It is held every year in September; during four weeks it presents daily concerts in different emblematic sites around the Colombian capital city: churches, temples, theaters, auditoriums, schools, universities, prisons and hospitals.

70% of the Festival concerts are free. It also includes an academic space that includes conferences, lectures, master classes and talks.

The Festival offers a varied program of Classical and traditional sacred music from all eras and styles.

It is organized by the Cultural Corporation InterColombia, nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to promote art and culture in all its manifestations, and thus, establish and develop relationships at national and international level by promoting activities such as concerts, festivals and competitions, among others, to improve the quality of life of people and social coexistence.


The International Sacred Music Festival of Bogotá is an annual, unique event in Latin America, which seeks to present the different cultural traditions through sacred music of the world. It is a musical, spiritual encounter, which promotes respect for the diversity of beliefs, dialogue, friendship and a culture of peace.

The International Sacred Music Festival of Bogotá is an opportunity to open our hearts and show the world that despite the fact that we all are different, we have something in common: love and respect for the sacred.

It is an invitation to everyone to remember, share, understand and learn from each other, put aside the differences and join forces; to raise the spirit through sacred music; to be delighted in different harmonies and melodies inherent of each culture, each tradition and each story.

This event, organized by Cultural Corporation InterColombia, seeks to offer and contribute to Colombian society a cultural benefit to the future, promoting change, tolerance and peace.

Festival Comments

  • “Truly, it is to be open to new worlds”

    Alfredo Goldschmidt Chief Rabbi of Bogota
  • “Los actos artísticos de este Festival sirven para el crecimiento de la vida interior de cada uno de los asistentes y, así mismo, sirve como puente para construir los lazos de hermandad”

    Cardinal Rubén Salazar Archbishop of Bogota
  • “An event of the highest artistic level, able to unite artists and audiences in the conviction of how important it is the spiritual growth of its people in life, politics and the development of a country”

    José María Vitier Composer
  • “We sang with emotion, united by music without distinction of beliefs, ages, social strata, language; we sang unanimously saying: How good is to be united as brothers...”

  • “Nos han recordado que el ser humano, más allá de sus diferencias, tiene un respeto esencial por lo sagrado, por lo espiritual. Eso es lo que queremos y lo que necesitamos en Colombia. Que convivamos en tolerancia y que nos respetemos las diferencias. Que nos unamos en los valores fundamentales de la vida, de la libertad y de la paz; este es el verdadero mensaje de este festival. Gracias por hacer de la música una mensajera de la paz”. 

    Juan Manuel Santos President of Colombia

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